martes, enero 26, 2010

La profesora de piano, de Elfriede Jelinek

"I was taken aback by this book, and had to abruptly throw it down near the end. Now I can hardly even look at the cover without feeling slightly ill. Perhaps I missed the point - perhaps I'm too squeemish - but I could NOT read the end of this book. I'm confused about why it won a nobel prize, certainly, and as an avid reader and literature major, I have read quite broadly. When I got this book I had no idea I would find it so disturbing and that it would be so sadomasochistic. I thought I should warn other readers of this. (The reason I have it two stars is that the writer is obviously gifted and parts are written beautifully.)"

(Comentario de Isobel Snow, de Calgary, Canada, en Amazon, sobre el libro)